Do you avoid the MESS in your home like you dodge political discussions with your in-laws?

Finally conquer clutter without feeling like your brain's gonna explode.

Un-mess your nest with a realistic plan you can actually follow, and start seeing progress in your home.

Ever wonder how those other moms have spotless homes, but yours looks more like the Room of Requirement in the Harry Potter movies? Then read every word on this page...

Spoiler alert: It's not because they have more hours in the day than you do, or some magical "tidy gene" you weren't born with.

They've just figured out a way to de-mess their homes that works for them.

Trouble is, that way doesn't work for you.

  • If the lists on Pinterest of 100 things you should get rid of, like, yesterday makes your head hurt...
  • Or email "challenges" dictating what to declutter each and every single day makes you want to quit before you even start...
  • And instead of feeling inspired by magazine photos of clutter-free homes, you just feel like a complete failure...

Then, honestly?

It's no wonder you keep avoiding that whole section of your closet with clothes that haven't fit since before kid #1.

That's why it's time to try a different approach to creating a less messy house that will leave you feeling productive, successful, and in control.


The Procrastinator's Monthly Decluttering Plan

With this 21-page FREE printable in your hand (or on your device), you'll have just enough guidance to finally make progress in your home without suffering from information overload.

After using your plan, you'll be able to:

Set monthly decluttering goals with the freedom to choose whether to focus on a single room, category, or project that makes sense for you.

Break down big projects into manageable daily and weekly tasks that fit your schedule so you won't feel overwhelmed.

Get ideas for where to begin with a short clutter checklist that won't overload your brain with too many choices.

You CAN clear out the mess even if you don't have much time (and even less patience).

Meet Your Cheerleader

I'm Laura Kiernan, founder of The No Pressure Life. As a mom of two with a full-time job outside the home (plus this side hustle!) I know how hard it is to find time to keep on top of clutter creep. Luckily, I've discovered sensible tactics to help moms like us break through the overwhelm and slay the Clutter Monster bit by bit. Join me on the journey to achieve a life with less stress and more style!

free printable decluttering plan for procrastinators

Show the mess who's boss.

Just tell me where to send your FREE printable decluttering plan by slapping the big green button below, and address your mess in a way that makes sense for YOUR schedule and YOUR brain.